Points, Levels, Ranks

Points are a way of measuring how much a user is contributing to the community. To see how many points are awarded for each action, you can check out the table below.

If a user has many points, it means they have contributed a lot to the site. We have ten ranks, as listed below. You need a set amount of points in order to reach a rank, which then will be displayed on your profile.

Rank Points needed
Newcomer 0
Novice 50
Apprentice 100
Explorer 200
MUA 400
Celebrity MUA 800
Influencer 1,600
Beautyguru 3,200
Godess 6,400
Legend 12,800

How do I earn points?

You earn points by being active on the website. Every action that earn points is listed below, in addition to how many points it yields.

Note that there is a daily limit of how many points each action can get you. The limit is there to make it harder for dishonest members to skyrocket with points as we want our actual helpful members - you - to be able to showcase your continued contribution to the site.

Action Points Daily Limit
Write review 5 points 50 points
Vote on review 1 points 10 points
Rate a product 5 points 40 points
Upload a picture/swatch of product 10 points 100 points
Vote on product picture 1 point 10 points
Add product to vanity 1 point 10 points
Add product to wishlist 1 point 10 points
Submit article 5 points 10 points
Get an article published 50 points No limit

In addition to this, we also have certain actions that will yield points the first time they're completed. Completing these is a quick way to get a lot of points! Doing these actions does not count towards any daily maximum.

Action Points
Upload profile picture 10 points
Set complexion 10 points
Update social media 10 points