Cruelty Free Guide

What Does It Mean That A Product Is Cruelty Free?

First of all - you're doing something awesome by reading this and becoming an informed consumer. That's all one could ever ask of you.

Simply put a product is cruelty free if it has not been tested on animals. However, it's a jungle out there and it's not as straight forward as is sounds to shop cruelty free. That's why we want to make it easy by showcasing the products who are.

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How To Get The Cruelty Free Banner

In order for a brand to classify as cruelty free we went the strict route, so only the ones we truly believe to be cruelty free will get the banner.

In order to be given the banner signifying the brand to be cruelty free, meaning they don’t test on animals, the brand must conform to these requirements:

  • The product itself is not tested on animals
  • The brand's suppliers don't test the ingredients on animals
  • No third party test on animals on behalf of the brand
  • The brand isn't sold where it's required by law to be tested on animals, for example mainland China

If owned by a parent company they too would have to satisfy the conditions listed above in order for the daughter company to get the banner saying they're cruelty free.

Not All Brands Have Been Verified

A brand without a banner may just not have been checked out by us or any of the resources we use yet, and does not necessarily mean that they aren't cruelty free. We don't call out brands for not being cruelty free or status unknown, we just want to highlight the status of the ones we know are.

We rely heavily on sites like Cruelty Free Kitty, so here's a shout out to the amazing work and research they do (and share) that we all benefit from. Thank you, Suzi!

If a brand changes their cruelty free status at any point, we will update their status the minute we hear about it, as we in no way want to deceive our users. The quest for a complete list of cruelty free brands is highly community driven, so please feel free to contact us if you see any inaccuracies or know of any brands who deserve to be listed with the cruelty free banner.

Before we round off, here's a shout out to you for keeping informed! Thank you.