A Guide On Submitting An Article

How To Submit An Article?

Have an idea for an article you would like to get featured on Vanity Minds? Awesome! Submitting an article for review is actually very easy. You need a catchy title, some content and at least one photo - that's it, the article is good to go.

Also, did you know that you also get 5 points (with a limit of 20/ day) for submitting an article, even if it’s not featured?

Choosing A Good Title

The title shouldn't be too long or too short, but be intriguing and relevant to the content. We don’t endorse clickbait, but we love something that sparks our curiosity.

A good title could be «How to make blue eyes pop» if it’s about eyeshadow for blue eyes, while «Eyeshadow for blue eyes» is less intriguing. We want the title to be descriptive, yet catch the reader’s attention.

How To Use Markdown

We use something called markdown in order to manipulate the text in different ways. This could be in order to make hyperlinks, insert a picture, make the text bold or create lists. This means that if you want a word or sentence to be in italic, you write it encapsulated with two stars, **like this**. We’ve listed the ones most interesting to you below so you can have a little cheat sheet.

Section header ## Text
Bold **text**
Italic ***text***
Hyperlink [text](URL)
Image ![description of image](URL)
Strikethrough ~~text~~

You don’t have to use the ones listed above, but at least you know the option is there.

That’s it! Press «Submit» and wait for your article to appear on the front page. If it’s published 50 points will be added to your user.

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