5 Tips To Have A Successful School Year

Girl outside looking happy holding a book

1. Say yes

This point might seem a little big silly, but it's especially important the first few weeks of college. You might don't want to go hiking or attend trivia night, but this is where you'll meet your friends, which will be the foundation of the rest of your school year. Just say yes.

2. Join a club

It says club, but really any activity would do. It could be sports or just volunteering at the student bar - just join a social arena to get to know more people. It also provides an excellent excuse to get out of your dorm, which is often needed.

3. Be prepared

Be prepared before each class to make things as smooth as possible. Also make sure you have these ten essentials in your bag.

4. Rewind

Rewind and take care of yourself. What this means is individual - maybe you find it relaxing to read a book? Do nothing all day? Maybe you recharge your batteries by being with people? Just take some time and make sure you're okay.

5. ... actually study

The social aspect is really important in order to have a successful school year, but it all amounts to nothing unless you put the effort in and actually study.