10 Back To School Essentials

White keyboard with mouse and white notebook with pen on pink background

1. Laptop

It's a new age. Not only will you need a computer to read the curriculum, you also need it for your online lectures. Welcome to 2020, ya'll.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! Staying hydrated is good for concentration - and your skin! Using a reusable bottle instead of a disposable one is also good for the environment, so it's a win-win.

3. Textbooks

If you're not a first year student, you've probably already experienced going to your first lecture all excited, then leaving knowing you're already falling behind. Many classes start their first lecture as an actual lecture, not the let's ease back into it as was experienced in high school.

In order to not fall behind any further, you should get your textbooks as soon as possible so you can stay on top of your reading. Do note that we mean you should stay on top of your reading, not necessarily that you have to buy a physical copy. The library or an e-book could work just as fine.

4. Headphones

Headphones work wonders for communicating I'm busy, leave me alone when you're trying to study. Sounds like an essential to me.

5. Hand Sanitizer

It's a new world, and even though the cute Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers have been a hit for years, they haven't been an essential. Now they are.

6. Hand Cream

To go with the increasing use of hand sanitizer the hand cream is a necessity. A lot of the scents can be rather overwhelming, so just find one that works for you and don't give you an headache. Personally I had to throw out my strawberry one, as the strong scent was making me nauseous, so a recommendation would be to go with a more neutral alternative.

7. Notebook

So you have your textbook - great! You should also have a notebook at the ready. I preferred having just one notebook, then removing the pages and organizing it in a binder afterwards, but you might prefer having one book for each subject.

Or maybe you want to take notes on your laptop? Either way a notebook is good for making a to do list, so you get that satisfying feeling of crossing something off.

8. Cuticle Oil

You should use cuticle oil consistently to keep your cuticles nice and moisturized. Making your own cuticle oil is really simple, and only require two ingredients.

9. Lip Balm

Lip balm is great in itself as it protects your lips and seals the moisture, but it also provide something to do during the lecture. I might or might not have applied twenty coats of lip balm during one lecture.

10. Charger

Ever had your phone die on you as you've been subject to a ticket inspection, and your only ticket is on that phone? Yeah, same. That's why a charger now permanently lives in my purse.

That's our ten essentials for now. The next post in this back to school series will include tips on how to have a successful school year. Stay safe!