How To Start Your Skin Care Routine

Getting into skin care can be a little terrifying. When you're first starting out, there's no need for the 12 Step Korean Skin Care Routine. In contrary, you should not introduce multiple skin care products to your routine at the same time. If you start using multiple products at the same time, you loose control over what is working and what is not.

It can take up to a month to notice any difference on your skin after introducing a new product to your skin care routine. Remember to be patient, and not rush it. You don't want to be in the position of having introduced five new products, realize that one of them is causing your breakout and have to start over trying to figure out which product was the culprit.

The first step of starting any skin care routine is to determine your skin type. Is it oily? Dry? Normal? A combination? Many find this a little tricky to determine on their own, so if you find yourself at a loss you can contact a dermatologist to get an answer too.

Step 1: Cleanser

First step of virtually any skin care routine is to cleanse. By cleansing you remove any dirt that has accumulated on your face throughout the day (or night), and thus keep your skin healthy.

If we were to guess only one step you're already doing for your skin care routine, it would be this one.

Step 2: Exfoliating

By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells and may also unclog your pores. After removing the dead skin your new skin cells are brought to the surface, which is why many find the skin looking radiant afterwards.

If this is going to be part of your everyday routine you should pick a real gentle one. It will say on the product how many times it is intended to use each week.

Step 3: Moisturizer

A moisturizer is used so your skin is better able to retain it's moisture and therefore stay hydrated. It will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ever heard that you need to drink more water for healthy looking skin? That's right, stay hydrated.

Step 4: SPF

In addition to the obvious answer that is to prevent a sun burn, sun screen is one of the most efficient ways to prevent your skin from aging prematurely. Personally I use a separate sunscreen with SPF 50 everyday, and will continue to do so.

Sun screen should be it's own step, and not something that comes with your moisturizer. The reason for this is that the amount of let's say moisturizer, isn't enough to give you the SPF coverage that the product promised. The SPF 30 you thought you were applying might only in effect be a SPF 10, not giving you the same effect.