How To Use Vanity Minds

We had a request for a guide on the basics and how to use the site. We’ve had so many new users these last few days, and we know it can be overwhelming navigating a new site, so we hope this will help!


Each user has their own Vanity. This is a collection of all the items they’ve added so far. You can set the opening date of a product here, see it’s rating as well as keep personal notes - even see the top rated picture of said product if it exist.

How To Add Product To Vanity

In order to add products to your collection you can use the search bar to find the product. If you can’t find it you can click the link to add it manually. If it’s deemed to be a product that exist and is spelled correctly it can be made public; added to the search and available for everyone.

User Profiles

You have your own profile where you share as much or little as you like. At minimum your profile picture, sign up date, rank and recent reviews are set to public.

By going to your settings you can also write a short bio for yourself, update your social media accounts and set your Vanity and Wishlist to public. If you set your Vanity to public the users will be able to see which products you’ve added; not the notes you’ve made.

About Reviews

You are able to share your experience and thoughts about a product by leaving a review.

When reading a review you can also easily determine if the review is relevant for you by checking if the person who left the review share any similar characteristics as you (e.g. oily or dry skin).

You Can Level Up

A user who contribute to the site will earn points. As of now they are only a way to show off and determine your rank.

The plan is to broadcast the user who contributes the most each week on the frontpage - having your social media updated will lead to more traffic on those - to show our appreciation to our top contributors.

Cruelty Free Makeup

We’ve yet to go through each brand, but we’ve started the work to mark the brands who are cruelty free as such. For example Anastasia Beverly Hills is set to cruelty free.

You can read more about our guidelines for giving a brand status as cruelty free here.

Submit Article

We’re highly interested in featuring you on the front page! You can read more about submitting an article here.

If you have a blog we recommend that you set it in your profile before submitting, as we’ll make sure to include a link to it at the end of the article with a follow link.