What Is Your Skin's Undertone?

Knowing your undertone is essential to find the perfect shade, whether in foundation or lipstick, knowing your undertone is crucial.

Ever seen the most gorgeous lipstick on someone else, but when you try it yourself something just seems … off? You can’t quite describe it, it just doesn’t work?

I for one, with cool undertones, can’t pull of a warm toned nude lipstick if my life depended on it. It just doesn’t work with my complexion - but knowing this, I use far less time trying on lipsticks I know to be wrong for me. And after reading this, you will too.

What’s an undertone?

Your undertone is not to be mixed with your skin tone, as the undertone is underneath the surface of your skin, which affects the overall hue of your skin.

There’s three different undertones: warm, neutral and cool. Warm undertones will be more yellow or golden while cool undertone is more pink or bluish. Neutral can be a mixture of both or neither, but is generally close to your actual skin tone.

How to find your undertone

Color of your veins

Looking at the inside of your wrist, what color will you say your veins are? Green or blue? If they appear green, you’d typically be warm toned while blue veins suggest that you’re cool toned.

Of course, your veins aren’t actually green. Blue, seen through the undertone of the skin (yellow) just makes it appear green. Just like when mixing blue and yellow paint in primary school, blue + yellow = green!

The jewelry

Being honest with yourself, not asking what you prefer, but which looks better on you: silver or gold jewelry? If you look better in gold you’d be warm toned, and looking better in silver suggests cool toned.

Burn easily

Do you burn easily in the sun? Or do you simply tan? Usually the skin type that burns easily is cool toned, while the one that rather tans is warm toned.

Hair and eyes

Typically those with blue, gray or green eyes with blonde or brown hair has cool undertones. Likewise brown, amber or hazel eyes with red or brown hair is warm toned.

Neither of these tests work?

If you find these tests ridiculous in that they all give you different result or indistinct answers we have good news - you probably have a neutral undertone!

If you have a user, remember to head over to your settings page to set your undertone before going on with your day. Have a good one!