How To Grow Long Hair

This post contains actual useful tips for growing long hair. We’re sorry - useful also means that there’s no magical pill or ritual that will get you hair the length of Rapunzel’s in a couple of weeks. Now that we have set the expectations - let’s get to it!

Don’t use heat

Curling iron? No. Straightner? No.

Using heating appliances is damaging to your hair, and should be avoided. However, if you must, make sure you use a heat protection spray to minimize the damage.

… yes, this even includes the blow dryer.

Avoid hair ties

Using hair ties may cause the hair to break - especially if you use the ones with the metal-thingy on them. If using hair ties, make sure they’re of the friendlier kind without the metal. Also don’t secure the hair tie the same place every time, as this too causes breakage.

Cut it

We know it’s ironic; cutting your hair for it to be longer? By getting semi-regular trims to keep your split ends under control you will avoid the splits going further up. The splits may cause your hair to break, and give the illusion that your hair isn’t growing.


A scalp massage is my number one reason for going to the hairdresser - not only does it feel good, but it stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and follicles. Increased blood circulation is good for preventing hair loss, and it also strengthens the roots, decreasing the chance of breakage.

Don’t wash your hair every day

If you wash your hair every day your hair will become dry and lose its essential oils. When you wash your hair though, make sure to use conditioner and hair masks, as these helps hydrate hair and repair damaged hair.

Avoid bleaching / coloring

Exposing your hair to all the chemicals will damage your hair. Damage can lead to either breakage or split ends, both bad when growing your hair.

The final secret

All this comes down to is minimizing the damage done to your hair in order to keep it as healthy as ever. The only thing that will give you long hair is time, but for time to help your hair it must withstand the test of … time. Which is why you need to keep it healthy.