Privacy Policy

Types of data we collect

Whenever you interact with the site, some information is gathered. In addition to any data you yourself fill in, information about your device, software and IP is collected and stored to uncover errors and misuse of the service.

Where do we store your data?

Your data is stored in a data center located in Europe, and processed in Norway. We do not have control over where the third party services choose to process any data you provide us with.

Third parties

You can choose to log in with either Facebook or Google. We delete their session after you have been authenticated, meaning that they can't track you around the site.

We encourage you to check out Facebook and Google's privacy policy as well.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service which is used to track any traffic on the website, giving us insight in user behavior.


Cookies are stored on your device so we can recognize you as a user and collect data on how you use the service. This information helps us recognize which features are used, which let us know what to spend our time on.

Cookies let you stay logged in as a user.